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“The ignored factor that might really be keeping your business from taking off…

When a business hits a plateau or even a downturn, the business owner looks to the usual suspects: strategic planning, marketing, recruiting and developing better talent, setting new goals, and tactics to improve financial results.

These are all critical areas to constantly improve. But they are not enough.

Unfortunately, business owners sometimes ignore the one factor that might really be keeping their businesses from taking off: the business owner’s belief systems.

Many business owners have beliefs that limit their ability to grow the business.

For instance, if you believe that you can’t trust your people, that means that you have to keep jumping in and fixing things. You are the heroic fire fighter. While this might give you some satisfaction, you are forcing your business to remain dependent on you. It will never grow without your hard work and time, and this can lead to burn out.

Similarly, if you believe that you need perfect information to make a decision, or that everything must be perfect, then you run the risk of slowing down your business. New projects don’t get approved. Initiatives are delayed. Employees get frustrated. And once again, you find yourself on the edge of burn out because you spend too much time making sure everything meets your impossible standards.

What if you want to be liked by your team, or if you consider your employees to be like family. This puts you in a tough spot, because it becomes difficult to have tough conversations, set the highest standards, and even remove employees when needed. You risk tolerating lower standards because you avoid saying what needs to be said when people don’t perform.

These are only a sample of limiting beliefs that business owners often have.

If you want your business to really take off, you need to be aware of how you perceive the world, including your company and people. Then you can take steps to reframe any beliefs that might be holding you and your business back.

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