An Ideal Team Player

We, as business owners or in corporates, are always in need of an ideal team player.

Who is an ideal team player?

Ideal team players come with 3 core virtues: they are humble, hungry and smart.
A “team player” is “someone who cares more about helping a group or team succeed than about his or her individual success.”

People who are humble, by definition, don’t consider themselves to be better than other people. And they don’t seek praise for their own ideas or actions. Instead, they’re more interested in doing great work which is why they try to elevate the interests of the group over their own.

“Hungry” describes an appetite for more: more opportunities, more responsibility and more work. Hungry people have drive, which is why they typically don’t need much push from their managers.

In the context of teammates and teamwork, “smart” describes someone who is able to work well with other people. To put it in another way, being a smart teammate means having the ability to read the room and use soft skills with teammates. Although intelligence is obviously important for any job, knowing how to work well with others is oftentimes even more crucial. Trying to be an ideal team player will help you succeed in the workplace.

Team playing can also be incentivized by employers. By clearly rewarding examples of the three virtues, teamwork will become the backbone of a company’s culture. This will be obvious not only to employees, but also to vendors, partners and customers.

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