Develop The ‘Action Habit’

I find happiness in making the most of the skills and the talents I have, and giving myself permission to dream big while appreciating everything that I already have. Action brings your body and mind into the present moment. This awareness of what you are doing right now allows your thoughts to be focused, rather […]

Why Do People Run ?

Why are so many people drawn to running ? Why is running the most common physical activity ? Running gives one the chance to discover, challenge, and bring out the best in yourself by impacting your creativity, focus, imagination, confidence and health. You not only become a better runner, but more importantly a more creative, […]


The understanding that has most improved my life in the last five years dramatically, is recognizing the importance of others in not only changing the world, but in enjoying it. By  nature I am an introvert. After college, in my career, my success in the world was the product of my insights and imagination and […]

Is Saying ‘NO’ Difficult ?

Saying ‘No’ is hard. I know this, you know this, everyone knows this. Yet we all find ourselves in the awkward position, unable to say ‘NO’ and regret saying ‘Yes’ to something you did not want to commit to. We fear the consequences of saying ‘No’ versus its benefits. In a backward way, it is […]

Systems Deliver Goals

Goals are magical things. If people don’t know, what they are aiming for, they don’t have much chance of getting there. We all need a road map to guide the way. Have goals, live them, breathe them. Share them. Write them down, tattoo them, staet at them intently, chant them while taking a bath, hammer […]

Three Keys For Consistency

Often we think success is about doing things over and over again until we finally see results. But if you’ve ever been in a rut, you know that’s not always what works. To really see upward movement in your life, you have to learn how to create a consistency cocktail. Consistency is made up of […]

Discover Your True Self

To truly know yourself is the most important skill you can possess. When you know who you are, you know what you need to do instead of looking for permission from others. Once you know yourself, you will become more confident, you will understand your purpose, and you will begin making a bigger impact on […]

The Three Instruments

I fully agree and wish to share the three instruments which I learned from Matthew Kelly that helped me anchor my life differently. The first instrument involves regular sleep. The second instrument deals with regular prayer and reflection. The third instrument delves into a day of rest. These three instruments impact the very philosophical foundation […]

Life Can Start At 50

The big 50 rolls around and you start grappling with your own mortality. You wonder about your place in the world and how long you have left. Sure, 50 is just another number, but it’s a number where society has placed a lot of meaning to. For better or worse, whether it’s real or not, […]

Treat Your Mind Like A Garden

Your mind is like a garden. Your thoughts are the seeds. You can grow flowers. Or you can grow weeds. It takes only a little imagination to realize that seeds are the thoughts, the flowers are positive words and actions and the weeds are negative words and actions. Thoughts don’t just happen. They are the […]

Hire Right

When you know what someone is like, you know what you can expect from them. Hiring right is the single most important factor in any organization in moving from a good to a great one. Hiring is a high risk gamble that needs to be approached deliberately. A lot of time, effort, and resources go […]

Small Talk

Small talk is actually something very big. Those who manage to start a conversation with strangers, break the ice and treat them like friends have the world at their feet. But it’s incredibly difficult. People love giving advice. So start your small talk with a request for advice. Most people will happily open up. Then […]

The Sacred Hour

Do you find your identity through your body or through your spirit? Are you dedicated to the image of to the light? The image is an illusion. The light is truth. A person who is completely dedicated to the light is capable of anything. We live in an age that is obsessed and preoccupied with […]

Have An Air Of Confidence

In a group presentation, the person with the best “command presence” is usually the leader. He or she understands the material best, shows it, and has the confidence to take charge. They are typically dressed a little better than everyone else. Their shoes are polished and their clothes pressed. They make a stronger eye contact […]

Stretch That Team

The world is full of team motivation theories. Many are interesting but difficult to apply in the day to day activity of working life. Successful teams are those that function at a high level of capability. Knowing you’re part of a great team is pretty inspiring in itself. Because you’re leading a group of highly […]

The 2 Minute Rule

Even when you know you should start small, it’s easy to start too big. When you dream about making a change, excitement inevitably takes over and you end up trying to do too much too soon. The most effective way I know to counteract this tendency is to use the 2 Minute Rule, which states, […]

Define Your Own Purpose

You can’t inspire your team if you are not inspired yourself. Our purpose makes one feel important. I strongly suggest my business owner clients to consistently communicate the purpose of their organization, where it has been and where it is going and to make learning and development a priority to succeed in the coming times. […]

Play A Bigger Game

Have you ever had the desire to achieve something remarkable ? Would you like to be better or do something absolutely awesome ? Have you ever thought about having much more than you have right now ? If not, it’s time for you to play a bigger game. Whether you are an individual or part […]

Be An Elite Performer

Carve out 90 minutes every Sunday morning or night to envision, create and then plan the week that is about to unfold. First mentally engage with this picture of your best week by imagining it. See yourself performing at your highest level at work and at home. Feel yourself having fun and making great choices […]

Life, Full Of Experiences

When you are about to die, you won’t be worrying about how much money you made or how much you have in the bank. I highly doubt that on your deathbed you will be checking your bank balance. You will remember all the people you loved and things you did. With any luck, you’ll be […]

Ships Need Captains

If your venture stands a chance of becoming truly, absolutely awesome then it will be through stellar leadership and not managerial acumen. Having great leaders in your team can help you change the world. With vision there will be no stopping you. Supersize it. The bigger, the more ambitious, the more outlandish, the better. Ambitious […]

Life As A Catalyst

When we think of the impact that work has on life and try to improve the work life balance, we are focused on a few key things. First and foremost, most people try to reduce the time they spend at work in order to find more time to spend with the family and on what […]

Put It In Perspective

I wish the whole world could see what I see. Sometimes you have to go up really high to understand how small we really are. – Felix Baumgartner a skydiver. Nothing should be a big deal. It’s like once you get something like cancer, small stuff doesn’t seem so important. Changing your perspective need not […]

Managing Time

“What may be done at any time will be done at no time”. Using time to think and plan is time well spent. In fact, if you fail to take time for planning, you are in effect, planning to fail. Telephone calls, emails, papers, social media, uninvited visitors both professional and social are big time […]

Get On The Offensive

Being proactive helps you to build a great business. Proactive equal success. Being reactive means you’ll have a failing business. If you are caught in the reactionary then all you are doing is dealing with things which have already happened. However, to really make an impact with your business you need to be much more […]

Running As A Passion

I have been now running for the last 9 years and simply love starting every day with a run. ‘The point is whether or not I improved over yesterday. In long distance running the only opponent you have to beat is yourself, the way you used to be’ – Haruki Murakami. The human body is […]

Vision And Patience

There are only 2 things to be done to succeed in any business – Vision and Patience. Rest all follows. A vision of where you want to go and the patience to hang in and persevere till you get there. It is as simple as that, but is made difficult to follow. I always say […]

Simply Exist

We practice meditation not to attain Buddhahood but to express it. You are a person worthy of love. You don’t have to do anything to prove that. You do not have to earn love. You simply have to exist. It’s very easy for us to confuse real love for ourselves with narcissism or conceit, but […]

Learn More To Earn More

I do not have a single doubt, that to earn more, one has to learn more. The more you know, the more valuable you become. Try to be indispensable. Commit to 60 minutes of learning every day. Some of the busiest people I know, read or listen or do online training for at least an […]

Love Life

I no longer make a list of New Year’s resolutions. I do however, give considerable thought every January as to how can I continue to move forward. “Ask, and it shall be given……seek, and you shall find” is the cornerstone of my life. It’s knowing there’s always hope and possibility where none seems to exist. […]

We All Fail

Not only do we learn more from failure than success, we learn more from bigger failures because we scrutinize them more closely. When failures, mistakes, and tragedies happen, one makes choices that affect the speed and strength of their recovery and often determine whether one collapses or thrives. Psychologist have found that over time, we […]

Joke At Your Expense

Laughter and humor are critical parts of being happy. We all should make the effort to achieve them the right way. But never try for a laugh at another’s expense. Try to laugh with others and never at them. Self-depreciating humor relays a message of humility and encourages trust. It is a valuable asset for […]

Turn Off Reality TV

There is a whole world  of new things out there which TV – reality TV in particular – sucks precious time away from. This doesn’t need a long explanation or clever anecdotes. I stopped watching shit TV and started trying new things and it changed everything. Definitely watch TV when we are landing on the […]

Master Your Time

I have always found it ironic that so many people say they would do anything for a little more time every day and yet squander the time they already have. Time is life’s great leveler. We all have the same allotment of 24 hours in a day. What separates the people who create great lives […]

Build Your Own Ship

The average person subconsciously believes he’s going to be discovered, saved, or made rich by an outside force in the future. It’s like the fat person slowing killing himself through obesity, who patiently waits for the next pill or potion to make him thin and healthy. They are convinced their hero on the white horses […]

Be Wildly Enthusiastic

You cannot lead any field or an organization to be world class without being enthusiastic. Ralph Waldo Emerson had said – “ Every great and commanding movement in the annals of the world is due to the triumph of enthusiasm”. Nobody grows old merely by living a number of years. We grow old by deserting […]

Learn From Role Models

‘Set a goal, not only to follow world class models, but to become a world class model’ – Steve Siebold. One of the best kept secrets of the world class is their ability to use other people’s thoughts, ideas, habits and traits as a way to accelerate their own journey to the top. They are […]

Stay Connected

Develop an interest in life as you see it, the people, things, literature, music – the world is so rich, simply throbbing with rich treasures, beautiful souls and interesting people. Forget yourself. We are not wired for isolation. We need other people to help us stay aligned and to bring out the best in us. […]

‘Keystone’ Habits

‘Keystone’ habits are seemingly small, simple habits, but which can initiate a ripple effect and have a major impact on every aspect of your life. One such keystone habit is exercise. As research shows, people who start exercising also start eating better, they’re more productive at work, they smoke less, they show more patience with […]

Pain And Reflection Defines Progress

There is no avoiding pain, especially if you’re going after ambitious goals. Believe it or not, you are lucky to feel that kind of pain if you approach it correctly, because it is a signal that you need to find solutions so you can progress. Most people have a tough time reflecting when they are […]

I Am What I Do

I am not my thoughts. I am what I do. The above line sums it up. Go ahead, try it out. You are not your thoughts. They’re just a bunch of random things running through your head. Many of them you have no control over. Eventually we’d all like to have better, more positive thoughts. […]

The Baker’s Dozen

Marshall Goldsmith in his popular book ‘What got you here won’t get you there’ talks about how follow ups works in his life. Marshall has hired a coach, Jim Moore who unfailingly calls him up every night and asks the same 12 questions. Jim always starts with “How happy are you?”, followed by the dozen […]

When To Let Go

People change. You change. Some relationships just aren’t meant to last beyond a certain point. Unfortunately. It’s sometimes easier to let the relationship continue out of inertia unless there’s a strong catalyst to change, which means some people keep up friendships that should really be retired. One of the best things about adulthood is that […]

Think Of The Forests – Not Trees

Putting together a strategy places some real demands on a leader’s ability to think in the wildest sense. Some are great at the immediate issues – the ‘here’ and ‘now’ stuff. But they struggle to think about how things interconnect. Organizations are complicated. And the ability of a leader to appreciate and respond to this […]

An Inner Scorecard

When I first started writing, it was important to me to know what other people thought of my articles. I delighted in my positive reviews and fretted over every word of criticism. I took applause as a measure of my success. But later I understood, that public perception has little to do with the quality […]

Seize Control Of Your Schedule

Part of being effective during the hours you choose to work is developing to spend real time on what’s important even if other things – including, frequently, your own bad habits try to shove you off course. So the first step is to be as clear as possible on your priorities. What do you want […]

The Five Second No

When someone asks you for a small favor, how often do you say yes, without thinking twice. How often do you refuse? And how often have you regretted saying no? When I did my own analysis, I realized I was agreeing to do favors for people far too often – little things like giving a […]

Increase Your Salesforce

What you are about to read would be contrary to what you would expect, particularly when sales are slow, but I promise you they can yield significant results as you march toward the goal of increasing your growth by 25% every year for the next 3 years. Hire another salesperson. When your competitors are slowing […]

Start A Business

The average person has been warned of the risks of entrepreneurship. They research failure rates and recount stories of people they know or have heard about who lost their life savings attempting to venture out on their own. The great ones know self employment is the fastest road to wealth. They know the greatest risk […]

Walking And Meditation

The new behaviours I have adopted in the last 6 years are walking and meditation. A morning walk is a part of my daily routine and I wonder how did I exist before this without walking. I’m kind of surprised that it took me so long to realize how great it makes me feel. At […]