Be Innovative

If there is one message to be given to entrepreneurs, especially in the current times,  is to be innovative. Disrupt your process before any actual disruption can take place. A culture of innovation has to be encouraged in every organization – small or big, which encourages risk taking, does not punish failures and rewards resourcefulness. […]

Time Is Money

When I look at the people I know who are successful there is one common denominator – TIME. They spend their time in accordance with their will. That’s it. Money, Health, Enjoyments, these are things we have a decent amount of control over. Barring extreme circumstance, they can be improved with effort, or renewed and […]

Overcoming Odds

Small business owners tend to be some of the toughest and most resilient people you’ll ever meet, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have personal challenges to overcome. But is there a secret to overcoming challenges in a small business? Small business owners cannot escape personal challenges. However, it varies how we choose to respond […]

Unlock Your Personality

Personality – the free and full expression of your real self, but difficult to define is the magnetic and powerful impact and influence upon other people. The real self within every person is attractive. We can also say that every human being has the mysterious something we call personality. When we say that a person […]

The More Myth

The secret of happiness is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less. Most of us have been conditioned in the culture of ‘more, more, more’ when it comes to success and happiness. It’s time to think about replacing more with less, but better. I am always happy when I […]

Count Till Seven

This morning, like every morning, I sat on my chair, rested my hand on the knees, closed my eyes, and did nothing but breathe – inhale, pause, exhale, pause….all till the count of 7 for 10 minutes. Meditation refreshes us, helps us settle into what’s happening now, makes us wiser and gentler, helps us cope […]

Habits v/s Goals

We all have big goals, buying that house, shedding those 10 kgs, running a full marathon, travelling around the world, owning a BMW, taking the business to the next level, that corner office etc. but one cannot accomplish those without incorporating some ‘habits’. Habits are algorithms happening in our background which power our lives. Good […]

Develop Empathy

Empathy is the most important leadership skill needed today. Many organizations are focused on achieving goals no matter what the cost to employees. However, if we treat people only as the means to an end, we will never have their loyalty. Treat your people right. Great leaders are concerned about getting the job done as […]

Start With Humility

If you lack humility, believe me, you will miss opportunities to learn because you rarely listen to anyone but yourself. In reality, humility is a strength, not a weakness. Those who are humble have a secure sense of self – their validation doesn’t come from something external, but is based on their true nature. To […]

What Gets Measured Gets Done

I strongly believe in tracking our progress as a sure shot way of accomplishing bigger things in life. Keep a note on your repetitions, on the food intake, on the prospects call, on the weight loss, on your connections being added and sooner than later, you will be knocking down many items from your to-do […]

Think We, Not Me

We live in a competitive world – our educational, corporate and sports, to name a few, encourage and reward us to one-up each other, reach the top of the bell curve, land in the uppermost percentile, score the most points, or add the ‘W’ to the win column. To win as fast and as often […]

Do One Thing At A Time

I have often seen that we mostly ignore simple suggestions and are in pursuit of some esoteric ideas which we rarely are able to follow over a period of time. Why is that? It is because we feel that the magic pill is in something we are not aware of and known to only a […]

Have A Compelling Vision

‘If you can’t see the picture in your mind, you can’t paint it on your canvas’. If there is something you wish to do or become in your life, create a plan to accomplish it. Do not wait around believing that someday, everything will be perfect and your dreams will be achieved automatically. Goals and […]

Gratitude – A 365 Days Practice

If you want to change your outlook on life, then making gratitude a 365 day practice is what you should start. Our brains are wired to see the negative side of things more readily than the positive. There’s definitely power in gratitude. About GratitudeLet’s start by defining gratitude for our purposes. There are multiple contexts […]

Charity Begins At Home

I was intrigued by an article on Sadio Mane – a Liverpool star from Senegal earning approximately 10.2 mn dollars carrying a cracked iPhone. On being asked about it, his reply was – “Why would I want 10 Ferraris, 20 diamond watches and 2 jet planes? What would that do for the world? I playedbarefoot […]

Building Great Relationships

Successful entrepreneurs aren’t dictators. They don’t issue orders from a perch at the top of their organizations and just expect their employees to carry them out. Good entrepreneurs listen to their employees and incorporate their feedback into future plans. They make adjustments as quickly as possible based on what they learn from conversations across the […]

Practice Meditating

Include meditation as a part of your daily routine, even if it is only for 5 minutes. It may look passive from outside, with your eyes closed and taking deep breaths, but it is very profound, to say the least. The trick is to get started, either sit on a mat or on a chair, […]

A Step A Day

Chris Hadfield is one of the most famous astronauts in the world. But when he decided to pursue space travel, his home country, Canada, didn’t even have a space program. How did he go about taking practical steps to chase a seemingly impossible dream? It all started when nine-year-old Hadfield, glued to his family’s TV […]

Get Up Early

The one common quality among all successful entrepreneurs – they get up around 5 am every day of their life. Successful people may or may not control their destiny but they definitely have control on the first 60 to 90 minutes of the day – the golden hour. Do you want to control your day […]

An Ideal Team Player

We, as business owners or in corporates, are always in need of an ideal team player. Who is an ideal team player? Ideal team players come with 3 core virtues: they are humble, hungry and smart. A “team player” is “someone who cares more about helping a group or team succeed than about his or […]

My Learnings From Running

I had never run a kilometre at a stretch until the October of 2011. I only enrolled for my first half Mumbai marathon – 15th of Jan, 2012 – as part of my bucket list. Slowly and surely, I was sucked into running and, since then, have run countless half marathons across the country and […]

Think On The Feet

Many years ago, when I walked into the cabin of Kartik Johari, the young scion of Nobel Hygiene, I found him working on his feet – literally. He had a standing work station and spent most of his working time standing. Though I never implemented the same, it left a mark on my mind, that […]

Live For A Purpose

Viktor Frankl in his powerful book – Man’s Search for Meaning, said that the most powerful desire of a human being is for a sense of meaning and purpose in life. We all should make a difference in the lives of other people. We are here to serve others, in some way. Human beings are […]

Believe In Yourself

I have been contemplating writing articles on a consistent basis for quite some time, but always fell short either of ideas or the discipline. I have again decided to pick up the gauntlet, believe in myself that I will be consistent and post 1 article every Wednesday and Saturday without fail starting from the 1st […]