Be An Elite Performer

Carve out 90 minutes every Sunday morning or night to envision, create and then plan the week that is about to unfold. First mentally engage with this picture of your best week by imagining it. See yourself performing at your highest level at work and at home. Feel yourself having fun and making great choices in every moment of every day. Then record this vision in your journal, with detail and In a committed way. Once this is done, meticulously plan out the next 7 days in your day planner/ tablet.

Discipline yourself to get up an hour earlier every morning. Most of us sleep far more than we need to. Life slips away while we are slumbering under with sheets. Yes proper sleep is essential for elite performance and a healthy life. But excess sleep robs you of the chance to claim your destiny.

Focus on your best and delegate the rest. We all have certain activities which, when we do them, create our best weeks. Stop doing all the time wasting, low leverage things that suck the life out of your days and dreams.

Every morning celebrate 3 wins from the previous day. This is a powerful discipline to help you keep your momentum and energy high. Connecting with your wins at the front end of your day sets you up for success.

Constantly ask 2 questions – ‘Is what I am doing in this moment the best use of my time’ and ‘Is this activity getting me closer to my goals or drawing me away from them?’

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