Be Innovative

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If there is one message to be given to entrepreneurs, especially in the current times,  is to be innovative. Disrupt your process before any actual disruption can take place.

A culture of innovation has to be encouraged in every organization – small or big, which encourages risk taking, does not punish failures and rewards resourcefulness.

96% of the businesses close shop in the first 18 months and the 4% who make it, majority do not see their 10th birthday. They love their product or service so much, that they fail to innovate when needed and fall into a hole.

To be innovative is also a new mindset, a more flexible approach that perceives resource constraints not as a challenge but as a growth opportunity.

You would also need a different set of dreamers – nerds to make innovation work in your organization. Hire those who believe in the vision and are willing to go the extra mile even if they are not the most qualified for the job.

I do not think, we have a choice other than being innovative.

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