Be Wildly Enthusiastic

You cannot lead any field or an organization to be world class without being enthusiastic.

Ralph Waldo Emerson had said – “ Every great and commanding movement in the annals of the world is due to the triumph of enthusiasm”. Nobody grows old merely by living a number of years. We grow old by deserting our ideals. Years may wrinkle the skin but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul.

Surrround yourself with people who are damn enthusiastic, who are curious, love to learn, smile when they see others and have lot of fun.

Today show up at work with all the enthusiasm you can genuinely muster. Be outrageously energetic and madly alive. Go the extra mile to delight your customers. See the opportunity for learning and personal evolution amidst a seeming setback. Embrace change as a chance to grow. Spread some passion.

We can’t control what happens to us each day, but with an abundance of enthusiasm, whatever the coming hours can bring, can be handled with grace, strength and a smile.

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