Believe In Yourself

I have been contemplating writing articles on a consistent basis for quite some time, but always fell short either of ideas or the discipline.

I have again decided to pick up the gauntlet, believe in myself that I will be consistent and post 1 article every Wednesday and Saturday without fail starting from the 1st of July, 2020 which also happens to be my birthday month.

Let me also tell you that I am greatly inspired by the works of James Clear and his iconic book – Atomic Habits – and if he could write articles consistently, then so can I.
I am writing this in the background of Covid – 19, a pandemic which has held the entire world at ransom.

Things currently are far better than what they were couple of months back, but I certainly see a post Covid era where the way of our functioning will be much different compared to pre-Covid.

We all can succeed in any endeavours of our life, if only we believe in ourselves. Our families and friends may or may not support our ideas, that doesn’t matter. Do you believe in your own idea is the question and if your answer is Yes, then move ahead.

In the current situation too, I see a lot of pro-activeness among some and some are waiting for things to unfold. They are waiting for the ‘good’ times to come. We can create good times by changing ourselves, incorporating new ways of working, thinking differently and being positive minded.

The biggest difference between successful and unsuccessful entrepreneurs is the belief among the successful ones that they can make it happen. We as human beings have to evolve and an incremental 1% change every day of our life can take us to a different orbit.

Do you want to go to the next level or are we happy where we are?

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