Challenge The Norm

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We are all living in an unprecedented state of times and the only way to surge ahead is to challenge the norm.

It starts with what you want to do in the remaining part of your life. Challenge the status quo, the easier path, try the unconventional route , doesn’t matter if you earn less, you would enjoy life more.

It may sound like a cliché, but you can do literally anything you want if you put your mind to it. The world has enough bean counters, go out and become a teacher or a coach instead. You’ ll have a richer life and people could find you far more interesting at parties. Plus you get to do what you want.

Develop some interest in sports and practice it regularly. Be proud of the fact that you have interests outside of the pub on a Saturday afternoon, and can talk about something else which you have done yourself, rather than be an armchair critic.

Travel to weird places and soak in the spirit of the city and their people. Enough of the city hoppings  and start exploring a city in detail.

Experiment with what you eat too. You are a grown up, you can do/eat what you like.

So challenge the norm to enjoy your life.

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