Communicate Clearly

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It is high time, each one of us understands the importance of communicating clearly. I will go a step ahead in saying, this one skill is much in demand if you have to move ahead in your life.

One who can communicate clearly is already standing ahead of the starting line and is in possession of a tremendous life skill. It is an advantage for anyone of us since we are all selling ideas at most of the times, in the form of a business presentation, a pitch, a proposal or an offer.

And to communicate clearly, first Prepare….We see or hear a good speaker, but we do not see the number of hours he/she has toiled in the background to make it perfect.

After preparation, it is best to be yourself. During our school days, we were taught to rehearse and speak aloud before a mirror and that still applies today. Be aware of your delivery style and play to your strengths.

Highlight 3 takeaways from every talk or note and make it very clear by repeating it couple of times for people to register. Finally use simple words, cut out the jargon , make your main message crystal clear and powerful that anyone can understand.

Sharpen this skill to go places.

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