Create Your Own Reality

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Believe me, exceptional people create their own reality.

The average person won’t set a goal unless he thinks, and people close to him think, that he has at least a fifty fifty chance of reaching it. That’ what the average person considers a realistic goal. The exceptional person, the person who does great things, doesn’t see things that way. The exceptional person has a vision – of great performances, of a great career, of a great something – and doesn’t care about what others might say or think. He ignores information that suggests his dream is unrealistic. He just sets about making that vision into a reality. He sees things before others see them. He creates his own reality.

In all too many corners of our society, people are placing limits on themselves or accepting the limits others see. The exceptionals are not different because they are smarter than others (they are indeed smart) but they set themselves apart by refusing to believe they a particular things cannot be done. They create their own reality.

When a person tells me he’s being realistic. I hear a person putting limits on himself. No problem with being realistic, but exceptional people don’t function that way.

Don’t think you know what’s realistic for you. Go out there and create your own reality and believe me, you will be surprised on realizing your true potential. Being what most people think is realistic is only a way of justifying negative thinking. Go for something great. Do not settle for good, create your own reality.

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