Cultivate Strong Self Discipline

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After having coached thousands of entrepreneurs over the last many years, it is crystal clear, without an iota of doubt,  that self discipline is at the heart of their peak performance. As they say, you can take a horse to the water, but can’t make it drink.

Your self discipline influences whether you are going to grab a hamburger or a salad, whether you are going for a workout or binge watch Netflix, whether you will take out time to read a book or pick a glass of wine, whether you continuously check your smartphones or focus deeply on your work, whether you would prefer to lead the day or the other way around.

Self discipline determines whether you’ll make an empowering or limiting decision within the moment – and either leads to strong or weaker habits.

Self discipline is all about pushing beyond the internal resistance that you have against a task or project, and execute it despite not feeling like it. Even the act of getting off the comfortable couch and going to the gym strengthens the discipline habit.

Cultivate strong self discipline, you have given yourself a word.

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