Culture Is Everything

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Tony Hsieh, the founder and ex CEO of Zappos, had attributed the company’s success to 3 key factors – excellent customer service, company culture and investment in employees’ personal and professional development. They are the only competitive advantages that we will have in the long run. Everything else and will eventually be copied.

Zappos’ culture is unparalleled. It has been discussed in many books and classrooms. Words like ‘happiness’ and ‘delight’ are not just buzzwords at Zappos, they are a way of life. The company places great emphasis on culture because its people are both its team and family. Zappos doesn’t prioritize employees over customers or vice versa. The company puts equal priority on both.

They have a Zappos Culture book, not written by the HR department, but by all the employees. In the true spirit of transparency, none of the entries are edited, except for typos. The book includes the good and the bad so people can get a sense of what Zappos culture is really like.

I strongly suggest all to read the book – ‘Delivery Happiness’ by the late Tony Hsieh.

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