Define Your Own Purpose

You can’t inspire your team if you are not inspired yourself. Our purpose makes one feel important. I strongly suggest my business owner clients to consistently communicate the purpose of their organization, where it has been and where it is going and to make learning and development a priority to succeed in the coming times.

Take ownership of your own engagement. You will be a far more effective leader at whatever level in the organization you are, if you are more engaged with the organisation’s purpose and values. If you increase your own engagement you will increase satisfaction in what you do, increase your personal energy by knowing you are doing something worthwhile, and increase pleasure in work well done. And it means you will create more effective teams, deliver better results and grow your business.

The perfect purpose is the overlap between doing something you love, doing something the world needs, doing something you are great at, and doing something you are paid for. The key is to define it in a way that is about working towards something bigger than yourself  in the world, or at the very least making a significant contribution to the world that you inhabit.

My own purpose is to help leaders be more inspiring. I believe that more inspiring leaders create better workplaces, enable more people to feel fulfilled in their working lives, enable growth and help to create wealth and thriving economies and communities.

Finding and articulating your purpose, and linking it to your passions enables you to be more engaged in your work, realize your interests, and live out your personal values in a way that makes a positive impact on others. Your purpose springs from who you are, which is why it it best to start with identifying your strengths, and by articulating your passions and your values.

Purpose makes you charismatic. When you are passionate about your purpose, you become charismatic and your passion is contagious. People really do catch the emotion of others. Being around someone who is passionate and optimistic is a far better place to be. Every leader should aspire to create a positive and optimistic aura. When leaders talk about ideas that are bigger than themselves, something they care about deeply, they are inspired by that idea and it is the cause that animates them. Most employees value jobs that let them contribute and make a difference. You should not rely solely on incentives such as bonuses or raises to incentivize people.

Lastly as a leader you are being scrutinized all the time and people will micro analyse your every behavior. If you are not living your purpose in the way that truly demonstrates what your believe, people will see it and you will lose credibility. You’ve just got to realize this. It goes with the turf of being a leader.

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