Do One Thing At A Time

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I have often seen that we mostly ignore simple suggestions and are in pursuit of some esoteric ideas which we rarely are able to follow over a period of time. Why is that?

It is because we feel that the magic pill is in something we are not aware of and known to only a selected few.

We realise much later in our life that to focus on one item/agenda till it reaches some level is more important than multi-tasking, which can keep us busy but never productive.

One thing common among all performers is their ability to focus on one idea till it reaches some amount of success, before jumping at the next idea. But what to focus on is equally important.

One needs to focus on any idea which takes one forward towards our North Star, towards our dreams. Anything which does not lead to that path should be ignored.

If we each one of us can focus on 1 idea for 15 days at a stretch, if we can be that disciplined, nothing can stop us.

So first identify that one thing.

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