Focus On The Benefits

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We all of us indulge in some sort of selling on a daily basis, be it convincing a child, selling to a prospect, giving shape to an idea, putting your views across to a VC guy, telling your friend to do something etc. What I have learnt to be really effective is to in the entire process – to focus on the benefits.

A benefit is an anticipated end result that brings the other person measurably closer to attaining some specific part of his or her vision. The moment you stop communicating about benefits, you will lose the other person.

Connect what you want to say to those benefits. If you first and foremost focus on the benefits of your products or services and then on how will they help the other person overachieve goals, plans and objectives for the near term and in the long range, you have a better chance of your idea getting accepted.

Most of the person from my experience are not so bothered about your features, processes, systems as long as they benefit in their way out of it.

So focus more from today on the benefits and less on the features.

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