Get Off Your ‘But’

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Move out of your comfort zone. We all listen to you tube videos, podcasts, forwarded motivational whatsapp messages and have the impression, that we have learned something. Well could be true to some. But learning doesn’t occur until a behavior has changed. As long as you know something intellectually but you have yet to put it into practice, you haven’t learned it at all.

Common sense isn’t common sense until it is common ‘practice’. It is way easy to sermonise, but difficult to practice, coz one has to get off the ‘but’. But that’s where the magic lies.

An average person can definitely do better than an above average person, only and only if he/she is willing to get off the ‘but’ and do the things required on a consistent basis, whether in mood or not.

‘You can have anything you want in life’ but you need to be exemplary determined and focused in following it. It is one thing to aspire becoming a Bezos or Ambani, and what is important is to learn how did they manage that within a lifetime and are we prepared to put in those heavyweight stuff and get off our ‘but’.

We all have ‘a’ life to live and it makes tremendous sense to get off our ‘but’ and make our dreams happen and live a life of purpose.

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