Have A Compelling Vision

‘If you can’t see the picture in your mind, you can’t paint it on your canvas’. If there is something you wish to do or become in your life, create a plan to accomplish it. Do not wait around believing that someday, everything will be perfect and your dreams will be achieved automatically.

Goals and a vision are supposed to get the most and the best of the human spirit. We all should be in the habit of constantly planning and setting goals. Play it in the mind as much as you can before it becomes a reality. One of the ways of becoming a better version of ourselves is to embrace the
future by setting a vision.

We need to revere and respect the past but place responsibility for the future on our own shoulders. The great ones are the products of their own imagination. Champions combine the power of imagination with the penchant for action, and the results are the stuff of which dreams are made.

So nothing wrong with day dreaming and letting your imagination run for a change.

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