Have A Mission

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Having a mission enables everything you do to be placed in the context of a higher meaning and aligns everyone within your business towards a common goal.

Your mission needs to be singular and compelling. Your team and prospective customers need to be able to buy into it. It is your mission that will set you apart. Your biggest challenge from day one is to give people a  reason to care, and the reason has got to be your mission. You need to give people something to believe in.

If you just want to earn money, there are many way of doing it. Solely money focused businesses do not exist. As customers become more aware, purely money focused entrepreneurs will go the same way as the dinosaurs.

Do something you love and have a clear mission. And let me tell you, the thing that will sustain you and your team is your mission. The tighter everything revolves around your raison d’etre, the more your offering will resonate with customers, and the easier it will be to turn customers into fans.

You have to stand out for something over and above your core competency to have any chance of standing out.

People no longer just want to buy a product or service. They increasingly want to align themselves with companies and organisations whose missions and beliefs are compatible with, and enhance, their own belief systems. Your customers will need to be actively complicit in helping you to succeed and you need to give them a compelling reason to do so.

Having a captivating mission at the heart of your business is the first step to ensuring your businesses sticks around for long enough to make an impact.

So have a mission.

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