Have An Air Of Confidence

In a group presentation, the person with the best “command presence” is usually the leader. He or she understands the material best, shows it, and has the confidence to take charge. They are typically dressed a little better than everyone else. Their shoes are polished and their clothes pressed. They make a stronger eye contact and have a firm handshake. They speak concisely and precisely. They generally look calm. They walk, talk and look like inspiring leaders.

Great leaders have an air of confidence. Subordinates need to look up to somebody who is still standing strong like an oak, regardless of events around them. You need to convey a feeling that you will always be in control despite the circumstances, even if you don’t have an immediate solution, someone who doesn’t lose focus, doesn’t cower, doesn’t waffle. The air of confidence must come out.

A leader who fails to instill confidence among his subordinates will lose the loyalty of his “troops” when it really counts. Researchers have found that rigorous thinkers cannot easily stop using gestures, even when they try to keep their hands folded. Using gestures actually frees up their mental capacities, and complex thinkers use complex gestures. Gestures make a strong argument even stronger.

The world’s most charismatic business professionals have great body language – a commanding presence that reflects confidence, competence and charisma. If you want to make an impression in your next meeting, sales pitch, or job interview, pay attention to what your body is saying. Walk, talk, and look like a leader whom people want to follow.

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