Have ‘Focus’ Days

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During my entrepreneurial journey, I realized a thing, quite late but once I got to know, I have not let it go, that is to have ‘focus’ days in a month or fortnight or week.

‘Focus’ day as the name suggests is only to focus on what one considers important for his business/life on that particular day and all the thoughts are in that direction only without any distractions, notifications, emails, calls etc. Can you do it ?

No matter what business you are in , having ‘Focus’ days to get stuff accomplished can be extremely helpful. Take time out, sit quietly and obsess about the future. It always helps in reaching more thoughtful decisions about the present and the future of the business/life.

It seems very daunting initially as to how can I cut myself away from everything, but the trick is in starting. Start initially with half a day a week, then probably a day in a week or fortnight, and believe me sooner than later you will get hooked to the idea and get more things done.

Are you taking some time to really focus, without the trappings of day to day business distracting you ? I strongly urge you to think about taking a ‘Focus’ Day (or a few) to disconnect from the rest of the world and be alone with yourself and your thoughts.

Let me know once you do it.

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