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Ikigai as an idea existed in Japan for thousands of years.

It means ‘the reason for being the thing that makes life worthwhile’. In it most modern representation, it consists of 4 concentric circles. ‘What we love’, ‘What we are good at’, ‘What the world values’ and ‘What we can be paid for’. Hence it implies that we can do something that the world values and is willing to pay for, and this makes our lives purposeful. How wonderful.

Ikigai is what allows you to look forward to the future even if you’re miserable right now. Ikigai has the essential element of action and state of mind combined with it.

I have always used this model to coach business owners and to bridge the gap between solopreneurs and entrepreneurs. Many in this world are spurred by individual vision, the need to find their purpose, a need to express themselves, or in other words, to be the heroes of their own stories.

If we could pay a closer attention to ‘What we love’ and ‘What are we good at’, both fall in the zone of one’s internal world. One is answerable to no one for these 2 zones. It is time we understand these and let our lives revolve around these zones to lead a life of purpose.

Ikigai is not a fixed place. It is a dynamic, iterative process that keeps bringing us to our centre. And it is from this place that we will always find the essential material for new growth and fresh avenues.

I hope this would help in your journey to find or reinvent your own Ikigai.

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