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What you are about to read would be contrary to what you would expect, particularly when sales are slow, but I promise you they can yield significant results as you march toward the goal of increasing your growth by 25% every year for the next 3 years.

Hire another salesperson. When your competitors are slowing down and grumbling about recession and Covid, they start worrying their employees. When competitors start laying people off, the great employees fear for their jobs too. If you’re hiring salespeople when everyone is laying them off, the positive buzz that you’re still hiring will start to spread. What’s even better. Imagine hiring one of your competitor’s best salespeople. I know it seems odd that while in the middle of the recession you’d want to hire more people, but the people you will be hiring are the rainmakers. You’re hiring people to increase sales, add money to your gross margin, and increase buzz about your company and brands.

Give everyone a raise. Make raises 100% commission based, and give everyone a stake in finding new business. Hell, even accounting and IT teams can find clients, so create an upside for them too. When everyone in your company has a stake in the outcome and can make more money by bringing in clients or employees, they will work to help you build your business. Also, teach your employees how to network. Help them make more money, and you will too.

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