Know Your Strengths

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We are all very clear on what we lack, but do we know clearly what are our biggest strengths and are we harnessing those properly ?

While working with my coachees, I always focus on their strengths, on what they can do rather than using their limitations as an excuse for failing. People always compare themselves and come to the conclusion, that they would have excelled if they had the talent of …………….. This is where they go wrong.

I strongly believe that confidence and a belief in your own ability are essential to being great. You have to be a ‘great’ in your own mind before you can be a ‘great’ in your own time. It is not always easy to maintain this belief, but therein lies the real success.

I have come to the conclusion that the most successful people have some of what we call natural talent, but not so much that it makes them complacent. Their physical talents are sufficient to persuade them that they can be as successful as they want to be, but only if they work very hard and work very smart. To excel in any field, I strongly feel that it has to do a lot with our mind, the way it has been conditioned and the personal qualities one possesses.

Some of the qualities could be a sustainable passion, improving self image, enjoys learning and being coached and an unrelenting attitude to excel.

I suggest you’ll to do a free assessment and get to know your 5 main ‘strengths’ at and let me know if you want to work or improve on any of your strengths.

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