Less Is Better

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Researchers have discovered that too much of information prevents the successful transmission of ideas. It also leads to analysis paralysis. So less is better.

It’s better to condense what you want to say into as clear and concise a message as possible. Otherwise your ideas will lose their impact.

It is no wonder that a TED talk is restricted to 18 minutes. It doesn’t make it any easier, less time doesn’t mean less of effort. On the contrary one has to put in tremendous practice on what one has to say in 18 mns. This rule make the presenter find the shortest way to explain his idea across a global audience.

I always urge my business owner coachees  to take a brief/small meeting with their employees on a regular basis. It need not be an elaborate meeting every time, but if one gets to discuss the crux and the important points, should be enough. Less is better, it also leads to more focus and get the job done.

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