Life As A Catalyst

When we think of the impact that work has on life and try to improve the work life balance, we are focused on a few key things. First and foremost, most people try to reduce the time they spend at work in order to find more time to spend with the family and on what they refer to a more ‘meaningful’ things. In essence, the work life balance often comes down to whether you can find a few extra hours per week to spend with the family. The other aspect of work life balance, which many people try to manage, are the stress and pressures at work, and how to ensure that these do not negatively impact life.

Life is a force that defines your personality and how you come across as a person at work – the values, beliefs, integrity and other human characteristics you bring daily to work. Hence it is my conviction that the impact of life on work is fundamental to success at work. I strongly believe that the impact of life on work is more important, and each one of us must focus on how we lead our lives and see how that catalyses how successful we are at work.

The fact that life has a high degree of impact on work, in a variety of ways and on every single minute we spend at work, is a truism that does not need a lot of validation. However, just because the impact of life on work is complex and difficult to understand, it does not mean you let life play out. Assuming that it automatically impacts work positively would be a mistaken assumption. We have to actively catalyse life for it to have a positive impact on success at work.

Lastly develop a hobby you are passionate about, play a sport once every week of your life, deepen your value system and develop super values.

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