Life Can Start At 50

The big 50 rolls around and you start grappling with your own mortality. You wonder about your place in the world and how long you have left. Sure, 50 is just another number, but it’s a number where society has placed a lot of meaning to. For better or worse, whether it’s real or not, turning 50 makes you re-evaluate everything. Especially your health.

One of the most important ways to preserve and enrich your health is physical training, fitness and movement and it only becomes more important, the older you get. It also gets more important to do it right.

To begin with, have a compelling reason to get moving. You need a reason that you can’t say no to, that you can’t rationalize your way under. A reason that sticks in your gut and won’t let you go. Cardiovascular fitness protects you not just against losing steam on an uphill run. It protects you against any and all insults to your heart. The more stamina you have, the longer and better, you’ll live. If you aren’t fit, and I don’t mean ‘ripped’ or can lift 300 pounds or has a ‘six’ pack – you’ll miss out on the rest of your life. You’ll be never be able to appreciate the simple moments, like playing with a grandkid, or hiking in the mountains or taking care of your own affairs in the later years.

A reason isn’t enough initially, it’s a good start but you need to bring the reason to life with a strong vision of what your new self will look like. Get as specific as you can. Truly make it real in your mind. And then use that vision as fuel to do the work that makes the vision into a reality.

Get help from a professional. Dive right in and then go slow. Don’t throw yourself into heavy weight lifting if you’ve never done it before. Don’t start training by running a marathon. Be consistent. Don’t let up and be smart about it.

Play as much as possible. Pick up a racket sport. I train hard so that I can play hard. And yes, that’s how you work on your abdominals and posteriors. Once a week play Frisbee for a few hours. That sprinting, jostling for position, throwing, catching and doing tons of walking, running would be all worth it.

Walk as much as possible. One should have extra proteins in your daily intake. Believe me, life after 50 is definitely enjoyable.

Stay fit.

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