Life, Full Of Experiences

When you are about to die, you won’t be worrying about how much money you made or how much you have in the bank. I highly doubt that on your deathbed you will be checking your bank balance. You will remember all the people you loved and things you did. With any luck, you’ll be surrounded by those who loved you most when the time comes for you to depart this earth.

The moral of the story – What you own isn’t the most important thing in life. People are. You are. So focus on your life, what make you feel most alive when you’re here, and create as many wonderful memories as you can. Spend your time, your money, your energy on the people who matter most to you, the people you love and appreciate.

Chances are you may not need a lot of money to make memories with your loved ones. Be creative. Whatever you are going to do, be open to many possibilities. Opportunities open up when you are creative – when you take risks, feel appreciative, hopeful, and abundant, and are open to receiving.

My hope is that if you treat yourself and your loved ones with gratitude, kindness, and love, life will treat you in kind.

Have a life full of experiences.

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