Love Life

I no longer make a list of New Year’s resolutions. I do however, give considerable thought every January as to how can I continue to move forward. “Ask, and it shall be given……seek, and you shall find” is the cornerstone of my life.

It’s knowing there’s always hope and possibility where none seems to exist. To me, miracles are confirmation that something larger than us is at work. In my own life, miracles often involve the simplest things, like being able to run 5 kms in less than 36 minutes, to read a book practically every month, to get to meditate for 15 mns every day. If I know nothing else for sure, I know that the big miracle we’re waiting on are happening right in front of us, at every moment, with every breath. Open your eyes and hearts and you’ll begin to see them. Love life.

I know for sure every day holds within it the possibility of seeing the world with wonder. The older I get, the less tolerance I have for pettiness and superficial pursuits. There’s a wealth that has nothing to do with dollars, that comes from the perspective and wisdom of paying attention to your life. It has everything to teach you. And what I know for sure is that the joy of learning well is the greatest reward.

Everyone has had their share of life lessons. How well one learns from them is up to them. The hardest experience are often the ones that teach us the most. Whenever trouble comes my way I try to ask myself, “What is this really about, and what am I supposed to learn from it?” Only when I perceive what the real lesson is can I make the best decision – and grow from the experience. Love life.

After everything that’s happened to me in all my years on this earth, what I’m most proud of is that I remain open to evolving. I know that every physical encounter has a metaphysical meaning. And I’m open to seeing it all.

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