Make Others Successful

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While reflecting on the years gone by, I have asked myself, What has given me more happiness than having achieved success in my own life. It is making others successful.

Success is to me is simply realizing one’s own goals. It could be in any of these 6 areas – family, financial, educational, health, social and spiritual.

It is great to see others succeed – starting a new venture, created a website, ran 5 kms, started swimming, have started getting up early, picked up some books, are being more productive, able to delegate , have become good listeners…..the list is endless.

I have also realized as to how the purpose shifts with each increasing year and also how purpose guides you like your North Star. There is the added tremendous joy and satisfaction to see others succeeding in their life.

There is great happiness in serving others. So make others successful and lead a fulfilling life.

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