Mindfulness Meditation

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It is the most wonderful skill to teach yourself and to practice. It may look pretty simple but is the best gift I have ever given myself. All my days starts with meditation and I love it because I finally have control over my busy mind.

Meditation gives your brain the break that it needs. As you sit quietly, meditating, concentrating on counting your breaths, your brain stops processing so much information. It doesn’t stop altogether. You’re just giving your brain a chance to relax. Meditation helps you notice when thoughts come into your head.

10 minutes into meditation, and the feeling of freshness and being light lasts the entire day. One of the benefits of meditation, is that it also provides lot of clarity. We all require a clear uncluttered mind to wade through our life. Meditation also reduces stress, controls anxiety and boosts self-awareness to name a few.

For me meditation is a tool that restructures the brain to work more efficiently.

Do yourself a favor and set a goal to try meditation for a month. You’ll be thankful you did.

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