My Learnings From Running

I had never run a kilometre at a stretch until the October of 2011.

I only enrolled for my first half Mumbai marathon – 15th of Jan, 2012 – as part of my bucket list. Slowly and surely, I was sucked into running and, since then, have run countless half marathons across the country and ran my first full marathon in Amsterdam on the 20th of Oct, 2019.

I could do this and continue running because I was clear about the type of person I wanted to be. I wanted to be more consistent and reliable and these are the only 2 qualities needed to run.

started to get more disciplined and in the weak moments, the vivid picture of what I wanted to be prompted me against taking those extra winks.

I was able to extend this to my business and in coaching others where small, significant steps matter. Habits are difficult to form but are easy if the context of what one intends to becomes clear.

We run not to outperform others but to better ourselves and therein lies the fascinating truth. Small, significant steps performed consistently gets us magical results. We often give up quickly because we do not see any great traction initially, but the trick is in persisting and not giving up which makes us cross the line.

Surrounding yourself with like-minded people is also very important. I would not have completed the full marathon if I had not left the comfort zone of my half marathoners. I found a new group of people all charged towards their first full marathon and that made the task easier.

There is a Zen like happiness in running, being fitter, lots of ideas brewing, lots of motivation and inspiration and feeling nice about it. I would like to end with a quote by Haruki Murakami – a long distance runner – “Pain is inevitable, Suffering is optional.”

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