Overcoming Odds

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Small business owners tend to be some of the toughest and most resilient people you’ll ever meet, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have personal challenges to overcome. But is there a secret to overcoming challenges in a small business?

Small business owners cannot escape personal challenges. However, it varies how we choose to respond to them. I believe that to be able to build a successful business, we all must learn to look at each personal problem as an opportunity to rise.

There are 3 ways successful small business owners overcome their personal challenges and these tips can help you overcome your own challenges too!

  1. Focus on your capabilities

It’s pretty common, particularly in business, for people to focus on strengthening their weaknesses (or challenges), but most of the successful people I know tend to focus on exploiting their strengths. They recognize it’s their strengths that set them apart and don’t let their personal challenges get in the way of accomplishing their goals.

2. Build a supportive network

Successful entrepreneurs build a team around them to maximize their efforts and augment their weaknesses. Sometimes they might turn to a partner that has the expertise they don’t have or they might hire key employees to fill those roles they might not have much experience or strength in. They’re not afraid to seek help in those areas where they might perceive weakness or lack of skill (this could also include overcoming personal challenges).

3. Do not be afraid to seek professional help and advice

When medical or physical limitations exist, they seek out medical advice to find ways to overcome them. Likewise they don’t let their pride get in the way of getting the help they need in their business too by hiring coaches and moving ahead.

Everyone has weaknesses many people face challenges that may not be evident, but we can’t allow our weaknesses to define us or limit our vision for success

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