Pick Battles Worth Winning

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The challenge for a leader is to know where to direct their forces, coz all the obstacles cannot be confronted. So you must choose carefully which battles you intend to fight.

The inexperienced one fights every battle and gets drained out when the real battle has started. So before you pick a battle, think whether it benefits your goals ? Would it be further taking you towards your North Star. If yes, very well fight it.

If you can’t do anything about the outcome , it is better to forget it. You might get satisfaction ‘letting off steam’ , but is it really worth it ?

Fighting every battle may earn you a reputation as a confrontational person. It can also create enemies of people you’re going to need further down the road. So always decide the 2 or 3 battles you need to win.

Leadership is taking the long view. There are battles you fight today because you know they’re vital to what you’re trying to achieve. But there are also battles you leave for later.

Reserve your battles for the issues that are vital to your goals.

It’s quite a debatable subject. Let me have your views.

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