Simply Exist

We practice meditation not to attain Buddhahood but to express it.

You are a person worthy of love. You don’t have to do anything to prove that. You do not have to earn love. You simply have to exist.

It’s very easy for us to confuse real love for ourselves with narcissism or conceit, but I think they are very different. I’ve seen that real love for myself comes from a sense  of inner abundance or inner sufficiency. It comes from feeling whole, which is innate to us and hidden beneath our fears.

“What do you need right now in order to be happy?” “ Do you need anything other than what is happening right now in order to be happy?” That makes me think right away forward what I care about. I also try to remember to breathe. “Just breathe” is also something I say to myself if I feel chaotic.

The more my awareness can pervade my body, the more I remember to breathe, the more focused I naturally become, I realize I simply have to exist.

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