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The average person has been warned of the risks of entrepreneurship. They research failure rates and recount stories of people they know or have heard about who lost their life savings attempting to venture out on their own. The great ones know self employment is the fastest road to wealth. They know the greatest risk is not betting on themselves.

While start up business failure can be daunting, and the possibility of losing your life savings scary, the potential to live a life of financial abundance and endless opportunity motivates the great ones to take the risk. They know they will land on their feet no matter how often they fail.

The secret of their eventual success is what they learn and who they become when they fail, knowingly they will recover and begin again, more intelligently. The masses almost guarantee themselves a life of financial mediocrity by staying in a job with modest salary and yearly pay rises. For most, their biggest hope is the possibility of saving enough so they can retire after 40 years, if they are still alive and healthy enough to enjoy owning they time they left.

Do some soul searching over the next few days and think about starting a small business you would enjoy.

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