Start Extremely Small

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According to Seth Godin, one should whenever possible ask oneself, ‘ What’s the smallest possible footprint I can get away with? What is the smallest possible project that is worth my time? What is the smallest group of people who I could make a difference for, or to? Because smallest is achievable. Smallest feels less risky. Because if you pick smallest and you fail, now you’ve really screwed up.

He adds, ‘We want to pick big. Infinity is our friend. Infinity is safe. Infinity gives us a place to hide. So, I want to encourage people instead to look for the small. To be on one medium in a place where people can find you. To have one sort of interaction with one tribe, with one group where you don’t have a lot of lifeboats’.

By implementing these valuable tips, it has definitely benefitted me. We should start a project to finish it and not to leave it in the middle. By starting small and by completing it, it also adds to your confidence to take on larger things in life.

So start extremely small.

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