Start With Humility

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If you lack humility, believe me, you will miss opportunities to learn because you rarely listen to anyone but yourself. In reality, humility is a strength, not a weakness.

Those who are humble have a secure sense of self – their validation doesn’t come from something external, but is based on their true nature. To be humble means to shed one’s ego, because the authentic self is much greater than looking good, needing to have all the answers or being recognised by one’s peers.

As a result, those who have cultivated humility as an attribute have far greater energy to devote to others. They go from being consumed with themselves to looking for ways to contribute and help others. Humility is the key to building a solid character and strong, meaningful connections.

Humility is what invites me to step back and make sure everyone in the room receives credit, not just me. Humility is what inspires me to donate my time and resources to a good cause. Humility tells me that no matter how successful I am, I didn’t do it on my own. Humility tells me that while I am important, I am only part of a much bigger picture.

As you can see, humility is far from weakness. It allows us to push aside pride, ego and selfishness while lifting nearly every other important virtue to greater heights.

Stay humble.

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