Systems Deliver Goals

Goals are magical things. If people don’t know, what they are aiming for, they don’t have much chance of getting there. We all need a road map to guide the way.

Have goals, live them, breathe them. Share them. Write them down, tattoo them, staet at them intently, chant them while taking a bath, hammer it home. Make them short term, long term and run for it. Make it just out of your reach. And above all, make it count.

Goals are only half of the equation. You can’t just set goals and drive off into the sunset. You have to have clarity on how to achieve them. Without a path to achieving it, a goal is shallow meaningless nonsense. Give it context, direction and it will burst into life. You need to provide the vision, strategy and tools to help your team achieve your goals.

To do this you need loads of systems – things you do on a consistent basis that boost your chances of achieving your goals in the long term. Whatever goals you set, you should have a list of pint sized systems, things which you rigorously adhere to, without fail.

Your system will be unique to you, your own maxims, truths and drivers. When adhered to rigorously over the long haul they will deliver success. Consistency is the key here.

For maximum impact, goals and systems need to work hand in hand. Goals are best achieved through ruthless application of systems. You also need to detach yourself from the outcome of what you do. All you can do is make the best decision you can, implement your systems and move towards your goals.

Everything else is out of your hands.

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