Team Of Two

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For all those on the cusp to start a business, have a co-founder.

Being accountable to someone other than yourself is critical to sustained awesomeness. It will also make you run faster, better and sharper.

When I ventured into my first business, 2 decades back, I did not feel the need. But in the current times with so many challenges to handle, strongly suggest to have a working partner.

Start to build roles and structure, and your business will grow much faster. Just ensure, whoever you get into partnership with shares your mission, and passion for hard work. That’s the only requirement. Finding it out later, that the partner is a lazy bum could be disastrous. I also do not advocate one person works hard and the other person only puts in money. Not this way to succeed.

Both need to share the workload and the journey. Relationships and level of trust should be such that both the partners focus on their respective parts of the business, secure in the knowledge that there is someone just as passionate, dogged, committed and determined working on the other part of the business.

Build a tight and cohesive founding team and you can really make a dent in the world.

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