The Sacred Hour

Do you find your identity through your body or through your spirit? Are you dedicated to the image of to the light? The image is an illusion. The light is truth. A person who is completely dedicated to the light is capable of anything.

We live in an age that is obsessed and preoccupied with the material. We live in a time dominated by greed and lust. We live in an era of perpetual noise and motion, an age obsessed with speed. Yet this is the world we must live in. I want to live in peace. This is my single greatest desire. Perhaps it sounds simplistic, but when I have this peace I am happy and in love with life. Without this peace, life is drudgery. Peace is not the absence of pain or pressure. Nor is it the absence of activity. Peace is not lying on a beach without a worry in the world. Peace is not born by doing nothing.

This peace I speak of is a certainty in my heart and mind that I am using my life for a worthy purpose – that each day I am able to love more than the day before, that I am becoming a better person each day, that in my own way I am touching and improving the lives of others. It is maintained with the conviction that the way I am spending the energies of my life makes sense.

As time goes by, what I discover most about people is that we want to live in peace. This is why in a time when so many people are turning their backs on prayer, I am trying to embrace prayer with my whole being. Prayer gives me that peace. Prayer teaches me to use my life for a worthy purpose. Prayer reveals that purpose. Prayer warns be when I wander from the narrow path. Prayer increases my ability to love and to be loved. Prayer fills me with hope, and that hope is not the conviction that everything will turn out well, but rather the certainty that the way I am spending my life makes sense regardless of how it turns out. Prayer allows me to live my life in peace.

Prayer helps. Prayer is important. Prayer is needed. We need prayer. Prayer doesn’t need us, and God doesn’t prayer. Prayer doesn’t help God, it helps us. It isn’t something we must do, it is something we should do. I pray because I cannot help  it. I pray because in every moment the need flows out of me. I pray because I am a better person when I do.

Pray – have the sacred hour.

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