The Three Instruments

I fully agree and wish to share the three instruments which I learned from Matthew Kelly that helped me anchor my life differently.

The first instrument involves regular sleep. The second instrument deals with regular prayer and reflection. The third instrument delves into a day of rest.

These three instruments impact the very philosophical foundation of our lives while at the same time they are rooted in our day to day activities. They are not rules and regulations. They rather help us to discover who we truly are and encourage us to become champions of selfhood.

The instruments shine the light of wisdom into the deep places of our hearts, minds, bodies, and spirits, revealing to us all of our strengths and weaknesses. They encourage us to look at the different areas of our lives and to examine different aspects of ourselves – to observe the ways we respond to certain events, activities, people and circumstances.

With this knowledge we are in a position to understand our unique legitimate needs in each of the four areas – physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. The three instruments therefore lay the foundation for these needs to be met. The result is a man completely in harmony with his self, a woman completely in harmony with her self. This harmony produced by the rhytmn of life increases our effectiveness in our work, makes us more present in our relationships and empowers us with a spiritual presence and focus – all of which gives birth to a deep and abiding peace, an inexpressible joy and satisfaction, and a sense of fulfillment that burns within us, igniting up excitement and passion for life.

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