Think On The Feet

Many years ago, when I walked into the cabin of Kartik Johari, the young scion of Nobel Hygiene, I found him working on his feet – literally. He had a standing work station and spent most of his working time standing.

Though I never implemented the same, it left a mark on my mind, that possibly that’s the way we may have to work in the future for at least some hours of the day, if not the entire day.

But when I started to implement it, I found it very useful. I began to get many things done and also saved a couple of hours. This also made me take better decisions, all by simply incorporating a new habit.

All of us are obviously used to sitting and working and standing work stations are definitely out of the radar for most of us, but if we could tweak this habit and ‘stand and deliver’, we may end up with an upright posture, too.

Dhiraj Relli, CEO of HDFC Securities, is a strong proponent of this habit and feels additional energy when working while standing.

Try it before you pass a judgement.

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