Three Keys For Consistency

Often we think success is about doing things over and over again until we finally see results. But if you’ve ever been in a rut, you know that’s not always what works.

To really see upward movement in your life, you have to learn how to create a consistency cocktail. Consistency is made up of these 3 key ingredients.

Walking the walk – Walking the walk describes the little steps you take throughout the day that breathe life into your small values. It’s not just enough to just say you have values. You actually have to live them out in the small moments that make up your day.

Connecting to your why – Constantly reminding yourself of the meaning, the why behind your actions will allow you to power through even when you’re tired, stressed or demotivated. I am caring for my health better than I ever have and it’s because I am more connected to my why. Once you make this mental shift, everything will change.

A little disruption – This is the magic ingredient, you just need a pinch of it. Consistency without disruption is just a routine. Disruption means moving from the status quo to the cutting edge. I am a huge believer in conducting a self review every 90 days. That period of time is long enough to ensure you’re not jumping from goal to goal, but it’s  regular enough to keep you from getting into a rut.

Mixed correctly, this cocktail will allow you to develop confidence and become more purposeful with how you use your time and energy.

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