Time Is Money

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When I look at the people I know who are successful there is one common denominator – TIME.

They spend their time in accordance with their will. That’s it.

Money, Health, Enjoyments, these are things we have a decent amount of control over. Barring extreme circumstance, they can be improved with effort, or renewed and expanded. Time is not a renewable resource. It is ticking away even as you read this, therefore it seems reasonable to judge the success of a life by how that time was used.

Are you spending your time mostly in accordance with your goals? That’s really it.

My friend Venki  rakes in a few million every year, but hates his job that takes 80 hours or more a week. It also makes him kind of a miserable bum with bad relationships outside that 80 hours too.

If you are in business, the secret is not always about getting bigger. Its about not turning this thing you love into something you hate. That MAY involve scaling up, but it could mean scaling down too.

I am convinced that service is at the heart of this satisfaction. I really am. That doesn’t mean a life of charitable works, though it might. It just means that every person I have ever met that felt not just happy, but fulfilled, was serving others in some fashion. It may be the world, or it may be just your family, but something beyond just your own satisfaction seems the central ingredient to a life of purpose.

 It’s not about the bank account and its not about the problems that person may have faced. Time is the fire that consumes the fuel that is life.  Thinking about how time could be of service will be the key to money or love or health or just being happy. Its all about the time well spent.

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