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‘Padoge likhoge banoge nawab, kheloge khuddoge to hoge kharab’…..Most of our generation have grown hearing about this and since now we have achieved some laurels, it is time to try or learn a new sport.

And remember, you don’t stop playing when you get old. It is the other way – you get old when you stop playing.

Rediscovering the joys of sport again has been an amazing experience. It has got me active, got me outside and more importantly got me fitter. Also it has got me closer to a different set of friends, a different tribe. Believe me, it really isn’t difficult to take up sport again as a grown up. In fact, it’s even easier than we were at school because now we get to choose what we do and when. It’s social, it’ healthy and it is infinitely better than sitting inside watching reality TV or a serial or surfing whatsapp messages.

We have been exposed to numerous books on how to invest  money but very few books on to invest in health and grow. I think the time has definitely come for each one of us to realize the importance of a good health to reap the benefits of a fulfilling life.

I had picked up squash 6 years back and thoroughly enjoy playing. So try a new sport, give it a try. I’ll see you courtside.

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