Vision And Patience

There are only 2 things to be done to succeed in any business – Vision and Patience. Rest all follows.

A vision of where you want to go and the patience to hang in and persevere till you get there. It is as simple as that, but is made difficult to follow.

I always say to the young wannabe entrepreneurs, you have nothing to lose, so be bolder As you grow, mistakes can become costlier – so tread cautiously, but tread you must.

Great ideas and opportunities and businesses are born out of misfortune and adversity. Adversity and misfortune are often the opening chapters of a bestselling story.

Once the hunger is large enough, and the dream begins to get bigger, actions get taken. And then growth follows.

How you are in your personal life reflects in your entrepreneurial journey too. It can’t be very different.

So have a vision and be patient.

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