Walk Towards Your Dreams

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When we were young, most of our parents ensured that we study hard, score good marks and land up with a decent secure job, because there was a lack of awareness of any  other profession or line of interest which could guarantee this.

So any interest towards sports, singing, mimicking, playing online games, painting etc were frowned upon and never encouraged. They never considered that following such passions could also have a decent future.

Things have changed now. There are unbelievable options available to everybody, never has been the outlook so bullish. It makes tremendous sense to follow your dreams and not to fulfill some body ‘s  dreams.

When I passed out, the first default option was always science, then commerce and then arts for the losers. It is not the same anymore and shouldn’t have been.

One can achieve great success in any profession provided you are willing to work hard to go alongside your passion and developing an attitude of never giving up.

So walk your dream or walk towards your dream. You have only 1 life. Make it eventful , memorable and leave a legacy behind.

As someone said, even if you like plumbing, try to be the best plumber around but walk towards your dreams and make it happen.

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