What Gets Measured Gets Done

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I strongly believe in tracking our progress as a sure shot way of accomplishing bigger things in life. Keep a note on your repetitions, on the food intake, on the prospects call, on the weight loss, on your connections being added and sooner than later, you will be knocking down many items from your to-do list.

Our lives are shaped by how we choose to spend our time and energy each day. Measuring can help us spend that time in better ways, more consistently. Measuring puts us on the track of progress, sooner than we realise it. It improves our progress and encourages us to move towards our goals faster.

Knowing how the different areas of your business are performing is valuable information in its own right, but a good measurement system will also let you examine the triggers for any changes in performance. This puts you in a better position to manage your performance proactively.

So, start measuring and get things done.

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